Sofa Cleaning London

A full-proof way to clean your sofas

Taking care of your sofas and armchairs is a great way to stay in good health. They are one of the main places that we relax at, at the end of a hard day but imagine relaxing on a couch that is dirty and smelly. Any unfortunate stains can be removed using our state of the art cleaning machines. You might not even be able to see the dirt, but mould can grow in the fibres if you do not get furnishings cleaned regularly. Our teams have a full-proof way to clean sofas you have. Regular cleaning means your furniture will last longer. Book your sofa cleaning with our company and breath new life into your furniture.

How Do You Clean My Sofa?

At Johnson's Cleaners, we know our customers expect the best results. There are a variety of cleaning methods on the market, but after years of experience, we know the only method that works is hot water extraction cleaning. Otherwise known as steam cleaning, hot water extraction cleaning involves a full trained upholstery cleaning technician, injecting hot pressurised water deep into the fabric. The hot water loosens any dirt and grime that has called your sofa home. Simultaneously, the top of the line hot water extraction machine sucks out the injected water and loosened dirt, leaving your furnishings clean once more. This cleaning process leaves your sofa looking and smelling clean and fresh. Your sofa will still be slightly wet after the clean and our specialists recommend that you wait 6-7 hours for the upholstery to completely dry, before using it. Hot water extraction cleaning is suitable for synthetic and woollen fabric. The cleaning label on your furniture piece will indicate the materials and best cleaning method for each piece.

Why Should I Use Our Sofa Cleaners?

Of course, you want to ensure that your sofas are in the best hands when It comes to cleaning. Luckily, our business is one of the most reputable cleaning companies in the city. Here is why you should choose us for your sofa cleaning needs:

For A Longer Lasting Clean, Use Scotchgard

Cleaning your sofa is all well and good, but one of the worse things in the world is sitting on your freshly cleaned furniture piece, and spilling wine, coffee, or some other staining liquid on it, and ruining your clean. To avoid this happening, use Scotchgard. Scotchgard is an upholstery protector that: The best time to apply Scotchgard to your sofa is straight after cleaning so book it now with your sales advisor. If you are not sold on the idea of Scotchgard straight away but change your mind on the day of your service, you can make the request to the technician on the day.

The Best Time for Sofa Cleaning Is Now

Call Johnson's Cleaners now for a free no-obligation quote for sofa clean-up. You won't regret giving your furniture the extra care it deserves. If you have a stain you have only just seen, don't attempt to clean it yourself. Call, email, or use our online booking form to get in touch, book the sofa cleaning for a date and time that works for you, and watch your dirty furniture come back to life. The most professional and affordable sofa cleaning service in London is waiting to hear from you.