Regular Cleaning London

An hourly based service with a cleaner coming to your property on either a weekly or fortnightly basis

Life in the 21st century, and especially in London, is fast-paced and always moving. Not everyone has the time to keep on top of the cleaning that their homes need. The unwashed dishes pile up, and the surfaces become thicker with dust, and you don't have time to see to it. Luckily, if you are one of those people, we are here to help. A regular cleaning service can give you more free time to enjoy the more important things in life. Put your dirty laundry back in the basket, put the duster down, and book a regular cleaning through Johnson’s Cleaners to handle your cleaning for you.

What Is a Regular Cleaning Service?

A regular cleaning service is an hourly based service with a cleaner coming to your property on either a weekly or fortnightly basis. As a customer, you would organise regular cleaning to handle all of the cleaning tasks that come with a home, that you either don't have the time or don't want to deal with yourself. The regular cleaning service is hourly based. For that reason, we request an idea of what you would expect your regular cleaner to get done in their time on site. The cleaner will arrive on the same date and time each week and get straight down to working through your assigned cleaning duties. Our regular cleaning service does not come with equipment and detergents. However, the cleaner can bring cleaning detergents at an additional cost. We do require all cleaning equipment to be provided for the cleaner. This service is designed to make your life easier, so give Johnson’s Cleaners a call and take advantage of one of the most affordable and professional regular cleaning services in London.

What Can My Regular Cleaner Do?

The regular cleaning needs of our customers can vary from person to person, and for that reason, our professional cleaners can perform a variety of task. If you are unsure if this type of service can meet your needs, here are a few ideas of what we usually cover when performing regular cleaning: The regular cleaning service is hourly based. Your assigned cleaner will always aim to complete the tasks you have set in the allotted time, but if you have something that is a higher priority, we advise you to make that clear to your cleaner upon their arrival.

How Can I Manage My Regular Cleaner?

It is all about convenience. When you book your initial service, we assign a cleaner for the dates and time that you require. We understand that now and again, you may need to skip or reorganise your cleaning for a different day. If that is the case, we request that you give us as much notice as possible (24 hours or more). If you wish to skip the session, we will let the cleaner know. If you prefer to reschedule for a different day, we will work to accommodate your request but can not guarantee that your cleaner will be available. If that is the case, we will brief your replacement cleaner, so they know what needs to be done. Any changes should be made through the sales team at our firm directly and not through your regular cleaner. Any specific cleaning requests should also be made to the sales team to ensure it is something your cleaner caters to.

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If you don't have time to attend to your cleaning, consider a regular cleaner from us. Our cleaners are happy to do the tasks you hate. The service is super easy to book. Give Johnson's Cleaners a call, drop us an email, or make an application via the online booking form. Our sales team will get in touch, go through your requirements, and organise a clean up you can rely on. And for such a comprehensive service you would expect to pay a lot, but our offers are one of the most affordable, fully insured, cleaning services in the Capital. If you now and again need a deeper clean, you can also organise a professional carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, or one-off cleaning, all through Johnson’s Cleaners.