After Builders Cleaning London

After builders cleaning is a cleaning service designed for cleaning up after building work.

London is an ever-growing city, but what happens with all the mess leftover from all of the construction work that happens all year round. The answer is Johnson’s Cleaners cleans it all away. From a full clean up of construction sites to cleaning up the mess left from a private renovation, our experts can do it all. There is no job too big or small for our cleaners, so if you need an after builders cleaning in London or within the M25, give us a call now.

What Is After Builders Cleaning?

After builders cleaning is a cleaning service designed for cleaning up after building work. It is worth noting that when searching for such a service, you can find this cleaning advertised as post-renovation cleaning, which is the same as the after builders cleaning. An after builders cleaning requires deeper cleaning, use of more cleaning supplies and expertise that a domestic cleaner will not have. Our cleaners have been thoroughly trained in post-renovation cleaning and come equipped to tackle the more substantial cleaning requirements and have the correct health and safety training required to be on building site. The after builders cleaning service can be tailored to the needs of our customers to ensure the result meets the desired specifications. We understand that different properties have different requirements. Our fully trained sales team is ready to take your information and provide an accurate hourly based quotation, that will ensure the cleaning job you book meets your specifications. It's always best to perform the after builders cleaning once the builders have finished their work. If you do require cleaning while the builders are still on-site, we can arrange this, but we cannot always guarantee the results of the cleaning, and we must have hot water and electricity provided.

What Does After Builders Cleaning Include?

The after builders cleaning offered by Johnson’s Cleaners in the city is an hourly based service that works through the priorities outlined by our customers. However, an after builders cleaning is a deeper clean than a standard one-off cleaning, so there are a few things our professional cleaners do differently. Heres somethings an after builders clean can include: The above is only a guide with the professional cleaners of our crew able to turn their hands to almost anything. If you have any special requests, make them clear to the sales representative upon booking. Professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning is an additional extra on top of the after builders cleaning service.

What Is The Difference Between One-off Cleaning and After Builders Cleaning?

The above may make after builders cleaning sound similar to the one-off cleaning offered by Johnson's Cleaners, however that is not the case. After builders cleaning takes specialised skills and the work required is much more substantial than that of a standard domestic clean. Removing of paint, plaster, cement, grout, and other building materials is not possible as part of a one-off cleaning service. A one-off cleaning will cost you £14.99 per cleaner per hour (not including equipment and detergents) whereas an after builders cleaning will cost £17.99 per hour (not including equipment and detergents). Though this rate is still one of the most affordable cleaning rates in London, the after builders service is more expensive because the cleaners need to physically do more, and use more cleaning materials to get rid of the dirt and dust left over by builders. We also understand that building projects work to a schedule, so our cleaners are willing to work to that schedule, no matter the hours.

Call Our Specialists Now

You may be a house owner who needs a clean up after some renovation work, or you might be a construction company who needs help cleaning up a large project. No matter the case, our specialists and our after builders cleaning service is here to help. Fully trained professional cleaners with many years of combined experience are waiting for your call, email, or online booking form submission. Get in touch now and organise your post-renovation clean and make use of one of the best cleaning services in London. Combine this service with our professional carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning service and get the full package, with Johnson’s Cleaners.