One-off Cleaning London

The one-off cleaning service is an hourly based service that works to your needs.

Cleaning is a personal service, and at Johnson’s Cleaners, we understand that what one person might want is not the same as another. It's for this reason that we offer a service that works to your priorities. Working on an hourly basis allows our cleaners to focus on what you need to get done, with no limit to what we can do. Save yourself from the dreaded spring clean or take advantage of our cleaning services to give yourself a well deserved break.

What Is a One-Off Cleaning?

The one-off cleaning service is an hourly based service that works to your needs. Such a clean is suitable for just a quick dusting around the house or a full top to bottom deep clean. Our sales team will take your details and cleaning request down, and then using their experience, will recommend the number of cleaners and time needed to meet your outlined expectations. What's even better for our customers is that, upon request, we can provide the cleaning supplies meaning all our customers need to provide is a list of priorities, hot water, electricity and possibly parking, depending on your location and service booked.

All sounds too easy? Give Johnson’s Cleaners a call now and see why our one-off cleaning service is one of the most reputable in London.

What Can the One-Off Cleaners Do?

The one-off cleaning service is based on your priorities. However, maybe you don’t know where to start. Here is an idea of the kind of things the cleaners of Johnson’s Cleaners, can do for you: There is no limit to what we can do, provided we have the time to do it. However, this is not an end of tenancy cleaning, where we work through a set-list of cleaning tasks. If you need such a service, make sure that is outlined when receiving your initial quote. Get in touch and share your cleaning requirements. Johnson’s Cleaners are here to help.

Who Are the One-off Cleaners?

Johnson’s Cleaners is one of the well known cleaning companies in London. Our one-off cleaning teams are one of the reasons for that. We employ only fully insured, experienced, and fully vetted staff. The cleaners will go through the property with you to ensure your needs will be met during the cleaning session. However, one-off cleaning is for your convenience, so if you can’t meet our cleaners at your property, you can leave a key for them and with your provided list of requirements they can get straight to work. Our cleaners are ready and willing to give your property the care it needs.

What Cleaning Equipment Do the One-off Cleaners Bring?

If you are hiring a professional cleaning service, the chances are that you don’t have all of the cleaning supplies needed to do it yourself. Well, not to worry, as Johnson’s Cleaners can provide everything. We will bring all the necessary equipment, from the mop and hoover to dusters and cleaning cloths, and we even bring a small step ladder in case there are some difficult to reach areas. In terms of cleaning detergents, our cleaners are always fully stocked in case something comes up on the day. They have glass cleaner, oven cleaner, polish and anything else that may or may not be necessary for your property. What's more is that our cleaners only use the best cleaning supplies available. High-quality tools lead to a job finished to a high level.

Call Johnson’s Cleaners Now

Maybe you are having a rough day and don't feel like cleaning. Perhaps you have guests coming over and don't have time to have a dust and hoover around your home. Whatever your reason Johnson's Cleaners has top notch cleaners in London on hand to help you out. You will struggle to find a high-quality cleaning service at such affordable prices. Call, email, or use the online booking form to book your professional one-off cleaning service now. To really get the most out of your service, you can combine one-off cleaning with professional carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and more. Johnson's Cleaners does the hard work, so you don't have to.